• Dr. Stephen Miller, Microbiology-Immunology, and Dr. Xunrong Luo successfully transplanted islets from one species to another.  Read More.

  • Dr. Fred Turek, Neurobiology, was a senior author on a study finding that circadian disruption is a risk factor in alcoholic liver disease.  Read More.

  • Dr. Jelena Radulovic, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, found the love hormone oxytocin can cause emotional pain.  Read More.

  • Dr. Stephen Miller, Microbiology-Immunology, co-developed a new therapy for multiple sclerosis and was covered by USA Today and Fox News.

  • Dr. Joel Voss, Medical Social Sciences, talked about the psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in food, nature and everyday objects in the BBC News.

  • Dr. Eva Redei, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, led a study that found a link between fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and autism and was covered by Fox News.

  • Dr. Richard Morimoto, Molecular Biosciences, led research discovering a cellular process used by animals when a tissue is stressed. Read more.

  • Dr. Stephen Miller, Microbiology-Immunology, was on NPR’s Science Friday discussing the early stages of a clinical trial for Multiple Sclerosis treatment.  To listen to the feature or to read more, visit here.

  • A study by Dr. Phyllis Zee, Neurology, finding a link between childhood colic and migraines was covered by U.S. News and Word Report, CBS News, and Science News.

  • Research by Dr. CJ Heckman, Physiology, Dr. Hande Ozdinler, Neurology, and Dr. Gordon Shepherd, Physiology, used neon to expose hidden ALS cells, making it easier for scientists to track what happens to cause their death. Read more here.

  • October 9: Roy Wise, PhD; “The Self-Addicted Brain”

    NIMH Mood and Mentation Lecture
    National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Chief – Behavioral Neuroscience Section
    “The Self-Addicted Brain”
    October 9, 4:15pm, Swift Hall Room 107