Postdocs in NUIN

Postdoctoral fellows are an integral component of the neuroscience research enterprise at Northwestern, and many postdocs help train NUIN students and serve as valued mentors. The NUIN Postdoctoral Affairs Committee (Chair: James Booth), consisting of faculty and postdoc representatives, is charged with maintaing a current list of postdocs in NUIN labs, ensuring that postdocs receive NUIN communications, and generally advocating for postdocs’ interests.

All postocs are encouraged to be on the NUIN Postdoc listserv as well as the general NUIN listserv. If you want to be added to either of these, please contact Alana Lackore.

The Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, operated out of The Graduate School, offers numerous resources.

Persons interested in finding a postdoc position in a NUIN lab are encouraged to contact individual faculty members.


Postdoctoral Affairs Committee
Cassandra VanDunk (Co-Chair)
Anthony Ryals (Co-Chair)
Ece Demir
Audrey Lustig
Pavan Ramkumar

In the Spring 2013 quarter, the Postdoctoral Affairs Committee held its first Going on the Academic Job Market series of workshops on the Evanston campus.  It was very successful and will next be held on the Chicago campus in Spring 2014.  The series five-part series included topics on:

How to get an interview, Part I: What you need to know before you apply
Faculty: Dr. Catherine Woolley (Neurobiology)

Topic: How to get an interview, Part IICreating a standout application package
Faculty: Dr. Catherine Woolley (Neurobiology), Dr. Geoff Swanson (Molecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry), Dr. Anis Contractor (Physiology), 
Career Services Representative: Kamilah McCoy, Associate Director for Career Services

Topic: How to get an offer, Part I:  Types of talks, structure, and content
Faculty: Dr. Catherine Woolley (Neurobiology), Dr. Dave McLean (Neurobiology), Dr. Joel Voss (Medical Social Sciences), Dr. Beverly Wright (Communication Science and Disorders)

Topic: How to get an offer, Part II: Game day etiquette and interviewing do’s and don’ts
Faculty: Dr. Indira Raman (Neurobiology), Dr. Marco Gallio (Neurobiology)

Topic: How to solidify the position: Navigating negotiations / Taking an offer
Faculty: Dr. Sumit Dhar (Communication Sciences and Disorders), Dr. Marcia Grabowecky (Psychology), Dr. Dan Dombeck (Neurobiology), Women’s Center Representative: Alecia Wartowski, Director of Programs