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Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program Contact Information

Chicago Campus Office Evanston Campus Office
320 East Superior St.
Morton Building 1-645
Chicago, IL 60611-3010
Intercampus Mailcode: CH S205
2205 Tech Drive
Hogan Hall 2- 160
Evanston, IL 60208–3520
Intercampus Mailcode: EV 3520
Main Office Phone: 312-503-4300
Main Office Fax: 312-503-7345

*For questions concerning program details and admissions, please contact the Program Manager, Alana Lackore (; 847-491-5033)

Directorate and Staff

Indira M. Raman Director Phone: 847-467-7912
Anis Contractor Associate Director Phone: 312–503-1843
Sally McIver Assistant Director EV: Cook 2-138  Phone: 312-503-1873 (CH)  847-467-4246 (EV)
Alana Lackore Program Manager Location: Hogan 2-165  Phone: 847-491-5033
Financial Specialist


Faculty Advisory Board

Tom Bozza CJ Heckman
Anis Contractor Indira Raman (Chair)
Jaime Garcia-Anoveros Geoffrey Swanson
Jay Gottfried Catherine Woolley