Fawzi, Amani A., MD


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Department of Ophthalmology Feinberg School of Medicine


Tarry 13-752 Chicago

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Cell Imaging & Electrophysiology, Mechanisms of Drug Action, Vision Science

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Current Research

Our lab focuses on translational and imaging approaches to retinal diseases, and we are currently focusing on two major directions.

First project studies animal models of retinal ischemia, including diabetic retinopathy and oxygen induced retinopathy. Our lab is interested in identifying new molecular targets for disease prevention, coupled with identifying early imaging biomarkers of retinal metabolic compromise, allowing us to initiate therapeutic interventions, before irreversible neuroretinal damage occurs.

The second major project examines drusen, a complex group of lipo-proteinaceous subretinal deposits that are the hallmark of age-related macular degeneration. The major goal of this project is to use a novel approach through hyperspectral imaging to provide in vivo molecular probing of these lesions. This project will combine several novel biochemical and imaging approaches to address the need for improved disease classification and improved molecular characterization of these complex deposits, with a view to improved understanding of disease pathogenesis and identifying novel targets for therapeutic interventions.