2009-10 Course Schedule

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NUIN-401-1 Fundamentals of Neuroscience; Heckman M 9-10:20 CH / W 3-4:20 EV
Disc: F 9-10 CH
NUIN-401-2 Fundamentals of Neuroscience; Baker M 9-10:20 / W 3-4:20
Disc: F 9-10; Locations TBD
NUIN-401-3 Fundamentals of Neuroscience; Chiao M 9-10:20 / W 3-4:20
Disc:F 9-10; Locations TBD
NUIN-411-1 Great Expts in Molecular & Developmental Neuroscience; Awatramani W 1-4 CH
NUIN-411-2 Great Expts in Cellular Neurophys; Raman T 9:15-12:15 EV
NUIN-411-3 Great Expts in System and Cog Neurosci; McLean W 9-12 EV
NUIN-418 Assembly of Neural Circuits; Cang T-Th 9-10:20 EV
NUIN-421 Circadian Clocks: From Genes to Behavior;Turek W 2-5 EV
NUIN-430 First Year Seminar; Schneeweis TBD
NUIN-440 Neuroanatomy Perkins and Baker Meets weeks 1-5 of Quarter
Lec: M 10:30-12:30 CH / W 1-3 EV
Lab: M 1:30-3:30 CH / F 10:30 – 1 CH
NUIN-441 Biophysical Signal Processing for Movement and Rehab Sciences; TBD T-Th 3-5 CH
NUIN-442 Issues in Movement and Rehabilitation Science; Brown T-Th 3-5 CH
NUIN-455 Instrumentation for Neuroscience; Baker T 1-5 CH
NUIN-460 Interneuron and Brain Networks; Maccaferri and Martina M 2-4 CH
NUIN-462 Cortical Circuit Organization; Shepherd Th 1-4 CH
NUIN-470 Cellular and Molecular Basis of Information Storage; Routtenberg and Contractor Th 9-12 CH
NUIN-478 Neuropharmacology of Brain Disorders; Radulovic and R. Miller T-Th 1:30-3:20 CH
NUIN-490 Responsible Conduct in Neuroscience Research Schneeweis W 10–12 EV
NUIN-499 Independent Study by arrangement by arrangement by arrangement
NUIN-510 Advanced Topics in Visual Science; Linsenmeier and Sarthy by arrangement
NUIN-590 Research Schneeweis as required as required as required