1st year:

3 laboratory rotations (additional rotations if necessary)


NUIN 401-1, 2, 3 – Fundamentals of Neuroscience (core course; 3 quarters)

NUIN 403 – Fundamental Mol and Cell Bio for Neuroscience
Electives (typically one or two electives in first year)
Meet with Advising Committee
Seminar Attendance Requirement (6/quarter in F,W,Sp)
Join laboratory where thesis work will be conducted

2nd year:

Select Concentration Area:

  • Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience
  • Cellular Neurophysiology
  • Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience

Electives, including a “Great Experiments” course in chosen concentration area
NUIN 490 – Responsible Conduct of Neuroscience Research
Fulfill Teaching Assistant requirement (2 quarters)
Meet with Advising Committee
(twice during year)
Begin research in Thesis lab
Pass Qualifying Exam at year’s end and achieve PhD Candidacy

3rd year:

Conduct Thesis Research
Form Thesis Committee

Have initial meeting with Thesis Committee
Complete and Defend Thesis Proposal

4th year:

Conduct Thesis Research
Present 4th Year Seminar
Meet with Thesis Committee
(Annual meetings required)

5-6th year:

Conduct Thesis Research
Meet with Thesis Committee
(Annual meetings required)
Publish at least one first author article
Write and Defend Thesis