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Faculty Leadership and Committees


  • Greg Schwartz (Director)
  • Dan Dombeck (Associate Director, Evanston campus)
  • Talia Lerner (Associate Director, Chicago Campus)

Advisory Board

  • Greg Schwartz (Chair)
  • Ana Maria Acosta
  • Lisa Beutler
  • Rodrigo Braga
  • Gabriela Caraveo Piso
  • Dan Dombeck
  • Marco Gallio
  • Alicia Guemez Gamboa
  • Ann Kennedy
  • Hojoon Lee 
  • Talia Lerner
  • Joe Mazzulli
  • Dave McLean
  • Jason Sanchez
  • Greg Schwartz
  • Vicki Tysseling

Admissions Committee (2023-2024)

  • Andrew Miri (Chair)
  • Vicki Tysseling (Vice Chair)
  • Ana Maria Acosta
  • Shana Augustin
  • Paul DeCaen
  • Benayahu Elbaz-Eilon
  • Mitra Hartmann
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Ann Kennedy
  • Hao Li
  • Risha Patel
  • Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras
  • Luis Rosas-Vidal
  • Richard Smith
  • Josh Ziarek
  • Yongling Zhu

Curriculum Committee

  • Marco Gallio (Chair)
  • NUIN Fundamentals (401) Module Directors:
    • Tom Bozza, Benny Elbaz-Eilon, Marco Gallio, Amber Leaver, Dave McLean, Gordon Shepherd
  • NUIN Great Experiments (411) Directors:
    • Benny Elbaz-Eilon, Genia Kozorovitskiy, Andrew Miri
  • NUIN Graduate Foundations Director:
    • Jena Pitman-Leung

NUIN Faculty Advisors

These faculty act as advisors for students at distinct stages of their graduate career. All faculty on these committees serve as a resource for students, and students are welcome to consult with their NUIN faculty advisor at any time should the need arise. 

Committee for Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The charge of this committee is (1) to engage in active recruiting of underrepresented minority prospective graduate students by regularly visiting and building connections with specific institutions; and (2) to participate in advising activities for students who matriculate.

Committee for International Student Affairs

The charge of this committee is to initiate activities with international students that smooth the transition that these students must make to live and work in this country. This committee compliments the International Office in providing support on issues unique to international students and helping/encouraging international students to be active participants in the NUIN program.
  • Yongling Zhu (Chair)
  • Yongchao Ma (Co-chair)
  • open positions

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