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Alumni & Career Outcomes

Featured Alumni

Meet featured NUIN PhD program alumni and hear what they're doing with their degrees.

Zayd Khaliq, PhD

Thesis lab and Department: Indira Raman, Department of Neurobiology

Matriculation year: 2000

Graduation year: 2006

Current full position title: Senior Investigator

Employer/Company/Institution: NINDS/NIH Intramural Program

After NUIN Afternoons

After NUIN Afternoons is a seminar series organized by Indira Raman, PhD, Bill and Gayle Cook Professor of Neurobiology. It invites NUIN alum to speak to current students and postdocs about their post-graduate careers outside academic research. The 2020-2021 academic year featured the following NUIN alumni:

  • Tess Aman, Associate Scientist, Novo Nordisk
  • Mark Benton, Senior Director, Clinical Development Scientist, CRISPR Therapeutics
  • Sonia Bhangoo, Senior Risk Management Specialist, Baxter Healthcare
  • Garry Cooper, CEO/Co-founder of Rheaply
  • Lishu Duan, Principal research scientist
  • D’Anne Duncan, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Learner Success
  • James Ellis, software engineer
  • Karrie Fitzpatrick, Research Manager
  • Shanti Frausto, Senior Medical Scientist Liaison
  • Emi Giannella, Director of Research - Advertising and Marketing Data Science Team, Pandora
  • Tim Jarsky, Senior Manager and Project Lead, Allen Institute for Brain Science
  • Sharon Low, Scientific Review Officer
  • Rose-Anne Meissner, Freelance STEM Tutor and Writer
  • Cheryl Park, Instructor + Internship advisor/coordinator Northeastern Illinois University
  • Rashmi Sarnaik, Scientific Editor at Neuron
  • Melissa Snyder, Neuroscientist, Ottawa Memory Clinic 
  • Michael Tennekoon, Scientific Program Manager NINDS
  • Hayley White, Technical Specialist (patent law)
  • Yeechan Wu, Applications Scientist and Sales
  • Sarina Yang, Asst. Prof. / Director of Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring / Asst. Director of Central Laboratory, Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Nan Zheng, Principal Scientist, Nocion Therapeutics

Career Outcomes

These charts represent the current positions of NUIN graduates at three points post-graduation (charts were generated from data in August 2020). NUIN graduates primarily enter postdoctoral fellowship positions post-graduation (or return to medical school in the case of MSTP students) and within six to eight years have diversified into a number of different academic and non-academic careers.

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